Actress in stage costume, 1923

Boris Lipnitzki :: Portrait d’une comédienne en costume orientalisant de Paul Poiret. La jeune femme représentée serait la cantatrice de Ninon Vallin à l’occasion d’une prestation en mai 1923 à l’Oasis, le théâtre du couturier. | Portrait of an actress in oriental costume by Paul Poiret. The young woman represented would be the singer of Ninon Vallin during a performance in May 1923 at the Oasis, the couturier’s theater. | src diktats
Boris Lipnitzki :: Comédienne en costume de scène, Paris, 1923.| src diktats

Boris Lipnitzki :: Olga Spessiva in Giselle, probably 1930s. | src barcarole

Spessivtzeva (billed Spessiva for phonic simplicity or maybe to make
the name more the same length as “Pavlova”.

She was most famous for dancing Giselle, a ballet in which a young girl goes mad from grief when she discovers her lover is betrothed to another. When she first danced the role of Giselle she researched the role by visiting asylums and watching the way the patients moved and behaved.  According to her dance partner Pierre Vladimirov “Her Giselle… breathed a genuine insanity, not theatrical illusion. Giselle seemed to be an extension of her own existence“.

She toured the world with the Ballet Russes and later joined the Paris Opera Ballet, but sadly her fears followed her wherever she went and she eventually broke down on stage in Sydney Australia in 1937.

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Indian dancer Nyota Inyoka

Boris Lipnitzki :: Indian dancer Nyota Inyoka (1896-1971) in a ballet, Paris, ca. 1930 / via ourpastdreams / original source: paris en images / more [+] by this photographer