Coiffure empire · Bonnet vert

André Hachette :: Coiffure empire [Portrait en médaillon de jeune femme], 1907-1945. Plaque de verre Autochrome.
André Hachette :: Bonnet vert [Jeune femme en buste, coiffe verte], 1907-1945. Plaque de verre Autochrome.
src Société française de photographie

Trude Hesterberg in Wilde Bühne

Frieda G. Riess :: Actress and singer Trude Hesterberg (1892-1967). Portrait in the cabaret ‘Wilde Bühne’, dressed in a long dress, 1922. | src Getty Images

Untitled (portrait), ca. 1910

Minna Keene (1861-1943) :: Sunshine and Shadow, 1904. (Photo from The Royal Photographic Society Collection – Victoria & Albert Museum, London) | src Getty Images
Minna Keene (née Bergmann, Canadian born Germany, 1861-1943) :: Untitled, circa 1910. Printed circa 1910. Carbon print mounted to single-ply period board and additional two-ply period board. | src Stephen Bulger Gallery and Flickr

Head of a Young Girl, 1905

Eva Watson-Schütze :: Head of a Young Girl (photogravure from original negative). Published in Camera Work, issue 9, 1905. | src Universitåts-Bibliothek Heidelberg