From Hannah Höch’s Album page (scrapbook), 1933. 

left: Dancer Gret Palucca, ca. 1925. ph, by Charlotte Rudolph.

right: “Stabhochsprung” Athete high jumping (pole vault) and “Starke Geste im modernen Ausdrucktanz (Die Wigmanschülerin Vera Skoronel)”. Expressionist dancer (Wigman student, Vera Skoronel) ph. by Suse Byk. | src Female artists

Margaret “Gretel” Bergmann-Lambert (née Bergmann; 12 April 1914 – 25 July 2017) was a German Jewish track and field athlete who competed as a high jumper during the 1930’s. Because of her Jewish origins, the Nazis prevented her from taking part in the 1936 Summer Olympics, after which she left Germany and vowed never to return.
Bergmann triumphed as a teenager, setting a national record for the high jump in 1931. This photograph was probably taken at this competition.