From Hannah Höch’s Album page (scrapbook), 1933. 

left: Dancer Gret Palucca, ca. 1925. ph, by Charlotte Rudolph.

right: “Stabhochsprung” Athete high jumping (pole vault) and “Starke Geste im modernen Ausdrucktanz (Die Wigmanschülerin Vera Skoronel)”. Expressionist dancer (Wigman student, Vera Skoronel) ph. by Suse Byk. | src Female artists

Otto Bettmann :: Patricia McCormick Diving in Olympics, Helsinki, Finland, 1952 [Original
Caption: Mrs. Patricia
McCormick of Los Angeles, CA, shows off her championship form as she
executes a difficult maneuver on the Olympic springboard in Helsinki.
Mrs. McCormick’s form won her the springboard diving title and the gold
medal which accompanies the title. 30th July 1952]

source: Bettmann Archives at Getty Images

This photograph was used in the art cover of
‘Luxury Problems’ (2012), the second studio album by English techno musician Andy Stott.