Norwegian dancer Ellen Sinding


Gruppenakt, before 1924

Rudolf Koppitz :: Gruppenakt | Group-nude, before 1924. Bromoil print. Photoinstitut Bonartes. | src and hi-res Getty Images (originally posted on tumblr)

Nude from behind, 1923

N. Vysheslavtsev :: Nude from behind, 1923. Ink on paper. Signed and dated: “To dear Aleksei Sidorov, N. N. Vysheslavtsev, 1923”. GTG: Gosudarstvennaia Tret’iakovskaia galereia, State Tretiakov Gallery (formerly in the collection of Aleksei Sidorov). | src Nicoletta Misler’s The Russian Art of Movement 1920-1930

Nymph, 1902-03

Alphonse Mucha :: Nymph in front of a Daffodil frieze, from Documents Decoratifs par A.M.Mucha and published by Librairie Centrale des Beaux Arts. Paris, France, 1902-03. | src V&A Museum

Der schöne Rücken, 1934

Atelier d’Ora ~ Benda :: Der schöne Rücken | The Beautiful Back, 1934 | src MK&G ~ Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (Hamburg)