Actress in stage costume, 1923

Boris Lipnitzki :: Portrait d’une comédienne en costume orientalisant de Paul Poiret. La jeune femme représentée serait la cantatrice de Ninon Vallin à l’occasion d’une prestation en mai 1923 à l’Oasis, le théâtre du couturier. | Portrait of an actress in oriental costume by Paul Poiret. The young woman represented would be the singer of Ninon Vallin during a performance in May 1923 at the Oasis, the couturier’s theater. | src diktats
Boris Lipnitzki :: Comédienne en costume de scène, Paris, 1923.| src diktats

Theda Bara, Screenland, 1923

Melbourne Spurr :: Vamp and actress Theda Bara as Cleopatra (1917). Caption reads: “Theda Bara in the hey-day of her fame. Her inspired press agent gave it out that Theda was born in the shadow of the pyramids.” Published in Screenland magazine, June 1923 issue. | src dr macro