The Denishawn School of Dance

Nickolas Muray :: In the summer of 1916 Martha Graham began her dance studies at The Denishawn School of Dance and Related Arts in Los Angeles. In the photograph Ted Shawn and Ruth St. Denis sit atop the rock. Martha is seated second from the right. (late 1910s-early 1920s). | src Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance

Martha Graham in Xochitl, 1920

Nickolas Muray :: Martha Graham in Xochitl (1920). Ted Shawn choreographed this piece, about an Indian Princess, on Graham in which she danced the title role of Xochitl. Shawn played the role of Emperor Tepancaltzin. Xochitl premiered in Long Beach, California in June 1920. © Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance | src online exhibit

Carmel Myers, 1923

Nickolas Muray :: Carmel Myers, 1923. Published in Photoplay Magazine, May 1923 issue. Caption reads:
‘It is a matter of screen history that Carmel Myers made her film debut in a tiny role of D.W. Griffith’s Intolerance. Once since she ran away to play in musical comedy. Now, however, she is safely back on the silversheet again.’ | src The Museum of Modern Art Library at Internet Archive