Dancer Sylvia Chen, late 1920s

Aleksandr Grinberg :: Dancer Silvija (Sylvia) Chen, studio of Vera Maya. A scenic study, Moscow, Russia, late 1920s (or ca. 1925). (Photo by Alexander Danilovich Grinberg / Foto Soyuz) | src Getty Images

Dancer Maria Sandy, 1920s

Alexander Danilovich Grinberg :: Dancer Maria Sandy, Vera Maya studio. From a series of scenic studies ‘Dances of nations of the world’, Moscow, Russia, the end 1920s. | src Aleksandr Grinberg – Foto Soyuz via Getty Images

Dances of nations of the world, 1920s

Nina Vassilyeva, 1923

Alexander Grinberg :: Nina Vassilyeva from Vera Maya’s Studio, 1923. Bromoil with transfer. Private collection. | src Russian photographic Avant-Garde of the 1920s and 1930s